4 Signs That Your Siding Needs to be Replaced

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How old is your home’s siding? Do you know? If you’re not sure how long your home has had the same siding, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Many of us don’t keep track of how old our siding is, especially if it was last replaced before we bought the property. Ultimately, more important than knowing the age of your siding is being able to spot the signs that it’s due for a replacement now.

Old, worn-out siding isn’t simply a blot on your home–it’s also unable to protect it the way it should. If you believe that your exterior is due for a renovation, you might be wondering when is the best time to call in a reliable re-siding or affordable vinyl siding repair and replacement contractor to take care of the task.

  1. The Big Picture

Even the untrained eye knows that when your home is missing sections of siding or your siding is starting to fall off, it’s time to call the contractor. In fact, if you can stand at a distance and see significant, damaged areas, you’ve already waited too long, and there may be structural problems that go deeper than just your siding.

  1. A Shoddy Exterior

Does your home’s exterior need to be repainted on a regular basis due to fading, chipping, or peeling? While this may seem like regular home upkeep, your siding should be able to retain its color for 8 to 10 years. If you’re noticing a lot of external wear and thinking you should grab some paint and a brush, check to see if there’s any warping or cracking in the siding. Often, chipping and fading are the first signs that you need new siding altogether.

In fact, peeling paint or even sagging wallpaper inside your home is also a sign that your siding is worn out. This may seem strange since there are several layers between your siding and your external wall, such as insulation and drywall, but when your siding is worn out, moisture from outside your home can get inside and permeate through your walls. If you can’t identify any internal reasons why your paint or wallpaper is falling off the walls, it may be time to look outside the home.

  1. A Growing Problem

Another sign that your home may be due for new siding is the development of mold or mildew beneath the panels or inside your house. Mold and mildew grow when there’s water damage, and over an extended period, moisture can rot through parts of your home’s frame and even cause severe health problems. If you discover mold, you’ll need to consult a professional to make sure it’s fully eradicated. They’ll be able to do this safely and let you know whether the mold in your home is dangerous or just a nuisance.

  1. Temperature Troubles

Is your air conditioning bill much higher this summer than in the past? You might initially attribute this to the increasing cost of electricity or assume that temperatures this year are simply higher. However, the real reason you’re paying so much to keep your home comfortable may have more to do with your siding than the weather. Aging siding doesn’t insulate your home as effectively, causing your air conditioning and heating units to work harder to maintain the same temperature.

Cost Effective Replacement

Whether you’re planning to remain in this home until your retirement, or you’re upgrading old siding before selling your home, James Hardie siding outpaces the competition when it comes to value. Fiber cement costs nearly the same amount per square foot as vinyl, yet offers much greater protection, higher quality, and even greater visual appeal than any of the competitors.

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