How To Choose the Right Color for Your House Siding?

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Does the thought of choosing a new siding color cause you panic? You’re not alone. Choosing a new siding color is an intimidating process and there’s always a fear you might choose the wrong color. Unlike painting a room in your home, it’s much more difficult to change your siding color once you’ve made the decision.

New siding is exciting! It is a way to completely change the look of your home and amp up your curb appeal. Tiger Vinyl Siding will help you make the best choice for your home. There are a few things you should consider before you choose your perfect vinyl siding color.

That’s why we’ve created this siding color guide to help. We’ll walk you through how to choose siding colors based on the following:

  1. The Climate

Southern homes tend to have lighter colors due to the heat and sun while northern homes stick to more neutral colors. A bright yellow home might be a bit too much for your eyes during the snowy season. Try to pick a color that will work with every season and that won’t be too overpowering at any point.

  1. Style of Your Home

Some home styles commonly stick to one exterior color, while other styles allow for multiple colors. A few common home styles and color themes:

  • Cape Cod – You can have fun with accents like window shutters
  • Craftsman – Allows for a lot of natural colors with trim, brick, and stone
  • Contemporary – Usually sticks to one or two colors
  • Mediterranean – Not very common in Minnesota, sticks to lighter colors
  • Prairie – Sticks to one color, but has lots of windows and organic patterns
  • Ranch – Often has one color, with a complimentary trim color
  • Cottage – Tends to have brighter exterior colors
  1. Your Neighborhood

Pay attention to the homes in your neighborhood. Are there any colors you like? You may want your home to stand out in the neighborhood, but don’t make it an eyesore! Try to keep your siding color in the ballpark of the other homes. Some neighborhoods have rules about home color, so make sure to check before you change the color of your home.

  1. Testing Your Vinyl Siding Color

Whatever color you choose, make sure it looks good in every light. You may hate how light the color of your house is when the sun hits it. Take a look at your color swatches throughout the day, for several days.

  1. Complimentary Vinyl Siding Colors

Complimentary colors can add some extra pizzazz to your home. Trim, doors, windows and railings are often painted complimentary colors. You can get super creative with complimentary colors, like the house in the picture to the right. It is a lovely example of complimentary siding types and colors.

  1. Color of Your Roof

The color of your roof plays a huge role in your exterior color choice. A more neutral colored roof can match an array of colors, while a darker roof is often softened with a lighter siding color. How much you want your roof to stand out is up to you.

  1. Your Landscaping Style

Your landscape plays a role in your siding color choice as well. The bright yellow house mentioned earlier might not look the best with huge evergreen trees. A large house with brown siding might fit that landscape better. If you have a very colorful landscape, think about a siding color that will compliment it.

  1. Size of Your Home

Swatches are small and your home is big! A color might look lighter or darker when applied to a home. Keep this in mind when you pick your color. Darker siding colors might be too intense on a larger scale. Lighter siding colors might not be intense enough. If you have the ability to create a bigger paint test area, you should certainly do it.

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