Is it Possible to Paint a House Cladding?

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Is your siding beginning to fade? Perhaps it’s time to change the color completely. But can vinyl siding be painted? The answer is yes, but only if you do it correctly. Vinyl siding is one of the most durable, low-maintenance options for covering a home you can find.

There’s no need to paint it every few years as you might with wood siding. As far as maintenance goes, if you pressure wash it every two years, you’re done! That’s a huge benefit if you’re happy with everything about your vinyl siding, including its color! Learn more by clicking here for more info.

Are you one of the people wondering if vinyl siding is painted? Well, we have some great news for you too. You can absolutely paint vinyl siding! But before you grab a brush or pick a new color, first read the rules.

Do Some Prep Work

Like most home improvement projects, when you paint vinyl siding, you need to spend time preparing the surface. That means using a pressure washer!

If you’ve done routine maintenance, you shouldn’t need more than a single pass with a pressure washer. If you see moss, mold, or other stubborn debris after the first wash, consider a second wash. Always use a cleaning solution designed for specific vinyl siding.

Don’t forget to rinse well. Leftover residue from cleaning solutions prevents paint from adhering to your spotless vinyl surface. Once it’s clean, you should allow the siding to dry for a day or two. When you pressure wash, water often collects in the seams. Since water and vinyl paint don’t mix, you shouldn’t paint until the siding dries completely.

Use The Right Paint

Before you paint, here’s a short word on primer. If you have newer siding, you shouldn’t need a primer. If you notice a chalky surface (common on old siding), ask a vinyl siding specialist for their professional recommendation(s).

Now, onto selecting paint! You can’t use just any old paint on vinyl siding. It’s a mistake that novice DIYers often make, since the wrong paint simply won’t adhere to your vinyl surface. Premium paint manufacturers offer several options for vinyl siding paint. If you buy your paint from a big-box home improvement store, read the paint can label thoroughly. Paint formulated for vinyl siding usually contains a blend of acrylic and urethane.

What Is The Best Way To Paint A Siding?

You may consider yourself an expert painter, but before you gather your brush and roller, make sure you choose the ideal way to apply paint. Vinyl isn’t like the wood siding in your interiors.

Most factory-made vinyl siding has a low-gloss finish. You can also buy vinyl with a grainy pattern, designed to mimic wood. If you use a brush or roller, you’ll end up having distinguishable marks.

Spray painting is the most highly recommended method! It doesn’t take nearly as long as rolling, and you end up with a finish that closely resembles what came from the factory. If you decide to go with spray painting (which we strongly advise), you’ll need to prep the entire exterior of your house. Use plastic to cover windows, doors, and downspouts. Cover bushes and any hardscaping close to the house with tarps.

Most home improvement stores offer airless paint sprayers, which are available to rent. Pay attention to the size of the spray tip you use—you should find the size on the paint can.

Ideal Painting Weather

You won’t see many people painting on a rainy day, but what about a hot, sunny day? Avoiding the rain makes sense, but you’ll also want to avoid the sun.

If possible, hold off on painting until you have a cool, overcast day. That way, your paint stands a better chance of adhering properly to the vinyl. It will also do a better job of drying completely.

If you must paint on a sunny day, paint the shaded-side of your home first. Direct sunlight and vinyl paint don’t mix well together.

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