The Popular Types of Home Siding

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You’ve been in your home for quite a few years and decided to do a little inspection of the exterior to make sure everything is intact. Since moving into a pre-lived home, you’ve never actually thought about how long that siding has been on the walls.

From the view of your backyard garden, you notice some cracks in the panels of your siding and some parts where large chunks are missing near the roof. You do what any homeowner with a problem does and turn to the web to search for different types of replacement siding, only to find that there are so many different siding options.

Having dozens of options in front of you can be overwhelming, and choosing the right type of siding for your home will take lots of thought and research. However, top rated siding contractors would know the perfect siding for your home and what are the things that you should not try.

In this article, our goal is to outline the different types of siding for your home and give you the details, pros, and cons of each of them.

  1. Vinyl

Vinyl siding is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and is essentially plastic. It is extremely common and popular for siding but less durable of a material. Vinyl siding is also versatile in color and texture options and can even be made to mimic the look of wood.

However, because of its low price and what it is made of, it will not last your lifetime. Over time, it will bend and become misshapen from constant heating and cooling and is not meant to last for very long.

  1. Insulated Vinyl

Insulated vinyl siding is made of a vinyl siding exterior with a foam interior made of expanding polystyrene, or EPS. The insulation is great in making your home more energy-efficient to keep heat and cool air inside your home and outside air out.

The insulation foam also makes the siding more durable than regular vinyl siding. Insulated vinyl siding will come with the same potential problems as vinyl siding, and the installation process is more labor-intensive.

  1. Metal

Metal siding is becoming increasingly more popular and gives your home a certain aesthetic and curb appeal. The most popular types of metal used for siding are steel and aluminum.

It is low maintenance, durable, and also energy-efficient as it will reflect UV rays from your home as opposed to absorbing them. Metal siding is on the higher side of siding cost, can be more difficult to remove, and is subject to denting and scratching.

  1. Wood

Wood siding has been around for a while and has proven durability and longevity. It gives your home a timeless look and is on the higher end of cost when it comes to siding.

There are many options of wood to choose from like pine, cedar, redwood, and cypress and are incredibly versatile in styles. Like with anything wood, the potential of excess water buildup will cause rotting and deterioration.

  1. Engineered Wood

Engineered wood siding is made of wood chips and strands bound together by a resin and compressed into a board. It is stronger than real wood and is more resistant to rot and insect infestation.

However, because it is made of mostly wood, the threat of excess moisture still stands. It will also expand and contract with the weather similar to vinyl, causing it to crack, chip, and split.

Which siding is best for your home?

With any home remodeling project, it’s important to keep your goals in mind when deciding on a product, contractor, and so on. What’s considered the best in the industry may not be what you are looking for aesthetically or within your budget.

If you are a house flipper upgrading an entire home to resell, you probably don’t want to invest the money into a siding that is made to last a lifetime. However, if you are a long-term homeowner, putting the money towards a quality siding that you will never have to worry about may be your best option.

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